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Plastic Welders

Polyvance offers a complete line of plastic welders and welding rods for professional body shops and individuals.


  • The Nitro-Fuzer 8202/8203 Nitrogen Plastic Welders provide the professional welder with faster, stronger, higher quality welds. When your reputation depends on your quality, Nitro-Fuzer is your choice.

  • The 6180 Hot Air Welder provides the same speed of a nitrogen welder and the versatility of an airless welder in a compact, lightweight tool. Includes electronic control of air flow and temperatures.

  • The Model 7 Mini-Weld 5700HT Airless Plastic Welder is the best choice when price is more important than speed and strength. However, it performs professional-grade repairs on virtually any type of plastic, including thermoset polyurethanes.

Nitrogen Plastic Welders 8202/8203 Nitro-Fuzer®

  • Preferred by professionals since 2011

  • Nitrogen gas welding – stronger than hot air on all types of plastic

  • Use with welding tapes for tougher repairs

  • Includes airless welder for thermoset PUR

  • Includes 21 types of solder rods in three organizer cases

Soldadores Polyvance 8202-8203

Plastic Welding Station Mini-Fuzer 6180

  • Includes hot air welder for higher speed and airless welder for thermoset PUR repair

  • Hot air welding faster than without air

  • Use with welding tapes for tougher repairs

  • Electronic control of air flow and temperature

  • Includes 15 types of welding rod


5700 HT Mini-Weld® Model 7

  • Most Affordable Welder

  • Versatile – fixes any thermoset and thermoplastic PUR

  • Made of stainless steel for reinforcement purposes

  • Use with FiberFlex® universal welding rod

  • Includes 8 types of welding rod

Soldadora Polyvance 5700HT
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