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Plastic Repair Workshop

Automotive Repairs

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We are Gurus in plastic repairs

In Curitiba, we have the plastic repair shop with the most advanced technology in Brazil.

Our specialty is to repair plastics, we are the best at it and we have a solution for each type of industry.

In the automotive industry, we provide plastic parts repair services for automotive paint shops. We collect the parts directly from their workshops and return them repaired with the highest level of quality and with a guarantee on each of the repairs. We also serve customers directly in our workshop, helping them recover any plastic part from their vehicles.

We serve you direct on site when it comes to large plastic truck part repairs.

In the agro-industry we take our high-tech equipment to the repair site when necessary and repair heavy equipment directly on site. We weld and recover all kinds of plastics in industrial applications, plastic tanks regardless of size, plastic storage boxes such as seed boxes, plastic parts of tractors and heavy machinery, etc.

We serve condominiums and schools and we repair the broken plastic parts of the playgrounds, these pieces are frequently damaged by the high traffic of children who use them and previously nobody repaired them and they had to be replaced, now we take care of it.
The adventure market is not out of our reach, we repair Jet-sky and plastic Kayaks, the technology of Polyvance plastic rods allows us to make repairs of polyethylene and polypropylene with mixed fiberglass, this provides unmatched resistance for this type of adventure equipment repairs.

When it comes to repairing plastic qualityPR is the best option.

Industrial Tank Repair

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