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Plastic Repair Tools

We put at your disposal all the necessary hand tools so that you can do professional plastic repairs.


Bumpers are often dented or distorted when they suffer a collision. Polyvance’s 6148 Bumper Rollers Kit makes the dent removal process much easier. The Bumper Rollers kit consists of three heavy-duty rollers – one wide and flat, one ball-shaped, and one with a sharp edge which allows you to reshape body lines.


  • 1 flat, wide roller - for use on large areas

  • 1 round roller - for use on round radiuses

  • 1 roller with a sharp edge - for use on sharp body lines

Rolos De Para-Choques Polyvance


  • Use as a soft dolly

  • Minimize use of filler by removing small dents in plastic bumpers and sheet metal parts

  • Helps to adjust panel fit - for example, place near the hood hinge to gently persuade the sheet metal into alignment

  • Helps to adjust twist in doors for a better fit with quarter panel

  • Cushions jack saddle to prevent damage to sheet metal of subframe

Saco de apoio Bumper Bag Plus


  • Quickly and accurately repairs torn slots and recessed bolt holes in automotive bumpers.

  • Increases shop profits by speeding difficult repairs.

  • Includes 6 different slot tab dies, one recessed hole die, and four sets of die pliers to repair virtually any slot.

Kit de alicates para pára-choques Polyvance
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