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Plastic Welding Station 
Mini-Fuzer 6180

The 6180 hot air welder provides the speed and strength advantages of Polyvance's top-of-the-line Nitro-Fuzer® welders, at a much more affordable price. Hot air provides strength compared to nitrogen in many types of plastics and allows you to use welding tapes for added strength. This welder also comes with an airless option, which allows you to weld reinforcing metal meshes and repair thermoset polyurethane (PUR) bumpers.

  • Includes hot air welder for higher speed and airless welder for thermoset PUR repair

  • Hot air welding faster than without air, comparable strength to nitrogen welding in many plastics

  • Use with welding tapes for tougher repairs

  • Electronic control of air flow and temperature

  • Includes 15 types of welding rod

  • 1 year warranty


Info Sheet

User Manual

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