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Polyvance's most affordable model is the original airless plastic welder, the Mini-Weld® Model 7, designed to repair virtually any type of automotive plastic. The airless welding procedure is the most versatile, allowing fusible thermoplastics and thermosetting polyurethanes (PUR) to be repaired with a single tool. The Mini-Weld Model 7 also allows you to cast stainless steel mesh into plastic to reinforce repair, such as rebar in concrete. Finally, the Mini-Weld Model 7 comes with FiberFlex® universal solder rods, which adhere to virtually any plastic but are designed to work best on PP/TPO bumpers.

  • Polyvance's lowest priced and most complete welder

  • Versatile – repairs any thermosetting and thermoplastic polyurethane (PUR)

  • Use with FiberFlex® Universal Stem

  • Made of stainless steel for reinforcement purposes

  • Includes 8 types of welding rods

  • Made in the USA, 2 years warranty


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