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We are the authorized distributor of Polyvance for Brazil.


The Strongest Plastic Repair Possible

The Polyvance Mini-fuzer 6180 plastic welder is a complete and definitive solution to the problem that automotive paint shops have with the recovery of automotive plastic.

We take plastic repair to the next level, the resistance achieved in plastic welding with our equipment even exceeds the original resistance.


The implementation of this solution will eliminate rework in the workshop due to poorly repaired plastic and will help recover many more plastic parts with a guarantee for customers.


The profit will remain in the workshop and will no longer go to the parts reseller.

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Polyvance Brasil

We are the authorized distributors of the Polyvance company for Brazil. Polyvance has been a world leader in the manufacture of plastic welding tools and welding rods since 1981.


  • Since 1981, when Polyvance developed the airless plastic welder for polyurethane bumper repair, popular at the time, the company has kept its focus on making the best plastic rod and welders.

  • In 2006, Polyvance launched the latest innovation in plastic repairs: the Nitro-Fuzer nitrogen plastic soldier. Thanks to the incredible resistance provided by the nitrogen plastic welding process, technicians can now repair parts that were impossible to fix with other methods.

  • In 2022 Polyvance launched the hot air welder, now Polyvance offers a wide range of professional quality plastic welders that are affordable for all budgets but with the quality of the world leader. Also Polyvance offers the widest range of plastic welding rods in the world, covering over 95% of materials used today.

The training program for professional plastic welding technicians is now available in Brazil, the first training center is located in Parana at the Quality Plastic Repairs Workshop.​

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Our Plastic Repair Workshop

We provide plastic repair service in our plastic repair shop in Curitiba.


We have the most advanced tools on the market in terms of recovery and plastic welding, all at the service of our clients.


We have a solution for each of the industries. Also in necessary cases we serve our customers directly at the repair site.


We are the Gurus of plastic repair in Brazil!


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